Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Being Based

This is “Lil B”, and he is an artist, a rapper to be more precise. A friend recently turned me onto him, and I am so grateful. Because Lil B is more than just a rapper, he is a philosopher, and he gave me the words that perfectly describe my spiritual take on the world, which is a beautiful gift. 


Warning: the above video contains explicit language, though it really is not that bad, just 2 f-bombs. Please look past this, because the content of the entire video is very insightful and, dare I say it, creatively impactful on the music industry. 

In my opinion, Lil B is not a naturally gifted rapper, but his insights and thought processes he draws upon for inspiration are rather sublime. And though he may lack Jay Z’s rhythm or Eminem’s flow, he absolutely has soul, and I remain enchanted by his words.

Lil B coined a term which he calls “being based”. And when you are based, you are spiritually in tune with everything and everyone. It is a connection hard to describe, but beautifully peaceful to feel. Being based means you have a natural love and positivity towards those whom surround you that encompasses your being. Their energy nourishes your soul, which, in turn, creates a life that is positive, and full of light and love. 

Our class readings assert that this positive outlook on the world leads to moments of awe and insight; enhancing and solidifying an understanding that we truly are connected, which further warm his soul with gratitude. The readings suggest that it is this proper state of mind where we experience truly meaningful insight about the problems that plaque us most.

Lil B is so moved, that he expresses his awe about life by weeping. He is filled with love, and his music carries this same tune. Love and contentedness make him a different kind of artist. His lyrics come from his spirit, which is emboldened because he is “based”. 

Some might say he is crazy, schizophrenic, or drugged out; but there is a moment at the end of the video which is so true and beautiful that it is hard to deny the validity of his state of mind.

After he stops talking to the camera, he pauses, looks down, then up, seemingly gathering his thoughts. 

He then begins to nod to himself. To me, he just seems so sure of what he believes. It is easy to tell that he truly does feel “based”, and that this insight really is the source of his creative process. 

And then, right at the end of the video, peace finds him. His expression is fleeting, but it is there.

Peace expressed. Absolute contentedness. Although he might have a different view on the world than most, it is hard to invalidate such a fulfilling and insightful mindset. Oh how free he must feel.


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