Wednesday, April 9, 2014


          Some call him the sheriff, others call him the surgeon, and others call him the GOAT.  It doesn’t matter if he plays for your team or not, Peyton Manning is the most amazing athlete personality on the planet, and one of the only guys who nobody hates.  Peyton is the proud owner of many great football inventions, and his newest is called OMAHA!  This is a real Big C creation and can be pretty complex, which is why Peyton clearly outlined it for everyone. 


          Peyton is the most creative quarterback of all time in addition to being the greatest because of how he revolutionized the position.  Manning is currently on pace to break nearly every meaningful passing statistic in NFL history.  His dominance of the game shifted the league from being predominantly run-oriented to pass-oriented.  From Peyton's rookie year in 1998 to his super bowl season in 2006, there were 30 instances of a QB passing for at least 4000 yards (Peyton had 7 of them).  That total of 30 was matched over just the last 3 years (Peyton had 2).  Of course, the article by Uzzi and Spiro that states that creativity is not just the work of loners is exactly correct.  Peyton didn't break these records on his own.  His teammates had to work extremely hard as well to master their routes and know how read Peyton's designs.  Teamwork is how Peyton broke the single season passing records.


          Manning's other major contribution to the game is that increased the amount of power quarterbacks are given in running the offense.  Offensive game plans used to consist of coordinators calling plays and the team executing them.  Because of Peyton's knowledge of the game, he is able to call audibles and adjust the offense based off of the defensive formations he sees.  Peyton's creativity fits Steven Jobs' definition seen in the Bennis article perfectly.  Jobs said, "Creativity is just connecting things."  Unlike most QBs, Peyton was able to see the defensive formations perfectly and that's how he connected what offense to use.  After seeing the effectiveness of Peyton's offenses, other teams began using the same methods.  


          All of Peyton's peers agree on his value.  Titans safety Jordan Babineux even said, "I've never seen one player impact a franchise so much even when he doesn't play."  Of course, the best part about Peyton has to be his entertaining side.  This guy makes the best commercials ever, and has the best SNL skit in history.  Mastercard is forever thankful as they got the incredible phrase, "Cut that Meat" and plenty of others.  Plenty have tried to emulate, but no one can make a commercial as great as Peyton.


          In final analysis, Peyton Manning is absolutely amazing and no one can compare.  Hopefully he'll choose to go into the television and movie industry after he retires from football so we can see his amazing talent put to good use.

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