Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Perfect Pushup

One of the staples of calisthenic training is the ever popular, simple, stationary, push-up. No matter how many pulleys are pulled, no matter how many plate-loaded levers are pushed, no matter how many dumbbells or barbells are pressed, there is no denying that push-ups will always be an effective way of gaining strength in the pectorals, deltoids, and triceps.

Push-ups can be done with arms placed at shoulder width, or they can be placed wide for focus on the pectorals, or close for focus on the triceps, or the feet can be elevated for increased focus on the upper pectorals and deltoids, or even with handles which take hands off the ground and encourage proper form! Push-ups just seem so... Perfect. How could they possibly be any more perfect?! (I promise Perfect Fitness isn't paying me).

They can be more perfect when a former US Navy Seal realizes that the only movement occuring during a push-up is that of a person getting closer to the ground and then further. They can be more perfect when he realizes that the stationary placement of the hands can begin to hurt the wrists. They can be more perfect when he considers adding a natural human motion to the push-up. They can be more perfect when he takes stationary handles and makes them able to rotate in a natural human motion as a person gets closer to and further from the ground. But... Can they really be that perfect...

I am an Exercise Physiology major and my journey through fitness began 7 years ago with push-ups. One year after I started, I discovered the perfect push-up and they helped me gain strength very quickly.
But I'm not some miracle story, studies have shown that the Perfect Pushup is very efficient in terms of strength gains experienced by users. Much of this is due to the increased activation of muscles due to the motion of the push-up. For example: the rotation engages the rotator cuff, which is an often neglected small group of muscles in the shoulder that make a big difference. The Perfect Pushup's design allows it to be more effective than the ever-so effective regular push-up.

Alden Mills, a former US Navy Seal founded the BodyRev program as his first "product" as an entrepreneur and the Perfect Pushup was second on his list. His creative endeavors have all been in the direction of fitness. The Perfect Fitness line now consists of the Perfect Pushup, Perfect Pullup, Perfect Situp, and more. These products take calisthenics to a whole new level due to innovations which involve superior motion, an amazing idea which takes generally stationary exercises introduces rotation to them. What's he going to do next? Create moving dumbbells? Wait...
That's already been done... Not as good of an idea...

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