Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Strength Training on a Ball?

Working out and exercise mean different things to different people. For me, it might mean going for a run, then lifting some weight, then working out my abs. For someone else, it may mean running 10 miles; or it may mean running, biking, then swimming; or it may mean a long bout against a punching bag; or 4 hours on the beach doing agility drills; or yoga; or a very long list of other possibilities! A necessary element in most of these "workouts" is, some sort of equipment, or space to perform the workouts in.

First thoughts that probably come to mind are the gym, the weight room, the fitness center, the sports club. However, a man by the name of David Weck has introduced some new ways of training to the fitness world that require nothing more than some jump rope, and a Bosu Ball (his own invention).

Weck has shown some creativity in the way he uses jump rope because he's literally taken the jump out of it. He's devised a system of training with rope that incorporates four separate motions, but does not require jumping. Weck has a passion for strength training and fitness, but an extraordinarily dynamic passion. He likes to challenge his body in new ways. He says on his website "I don't lift heavy weights like I used to very often these days."

It's rather difficult to be creative in the world of fitness because it's driven by results. For that reason, many people opt to train in ways that have been proven to show results, and understandably so! In the midst of conservative souls that stick to tried and tested methods of training, Weck continuously goes out and finds new ways to train and does the trying and testing himself!

From that has come the ever so versatile Bosu Ball! There are virtually unlimited ways to train with the Bosu Ball as is evident in this video:

This creation has become a staple in most fitness centers and many trainers now incorporate the use of the Bosu ball with their clients. Weck can definitely be considered a collector. He says he could be considered an Anatomy and Physiology geek, he's studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tai Chi Chuan, and many of his experiments are inspired by knowledge he's gotten from various teachers.

Amazingly, all of this is evident in the Bosu Ball. The Bosu ball can be used with both sides, of course, it can be used to work out the abdominals, but also stability in the lower body, stability in the upper body, upper body and lower body strength, coordination, and just about everything else that can be trained. This piece of equipment reflects its inventor's personality and his sentiment towards training perfectly. It allows an individual to challenge his or her body in new ways... Until David Weck shows up with something better.

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