Thursday, April 5, 2012

Creativity Considered (A final time)

In my last posts, I have been a bit verbose.  To test a hypothesis, I will keep this one short.  Maybe, someone will have an opinion on my thoughts.  Onward then.  In the last two posts I have been working through degrees of creativity, from the mundane to the fanciful.  In this last post, I want to expose our group to an extreme example of modern conceptual creative art.  This provocative piece epitomizes my idea of creative and highly esteemed pointlessness.  Enter Tania Bruguera.
Ms. Bruguera is living as an illegal immigrant on a minimum wage salary.  Having been a U of C prof and exhibited art around the world, this change is probably large for Ms. Bruguera.  While the change is big, the change is entirely for artistic reasons.  A one year commitment to being a performance art piece is designed to raise awareness about economic differences from an artistic perspective.  Let's take a look at this from the perspective of our class.

Is this new?  Yes, the artist is changing her life in an economic way from an artistic perspective.  Is this useful?  Sure, socio-economic status is being exposed in a creative way.  Regardless of how pretentious this project may be, viewers are challenged to appreciate the issues of immigration, division of wealth, and cultural needs.  How about divergent thinking?  Making living in poverty a work of art is not an immediate association.  Are analogies at play?  The action group that has been established by Ms. Bruguera tries to create programs that find analogies between "mundane" services (language, legal, health) and artistic expression of local artists.  Is there any collaboration?  Absolutely, as the last sentence mentioned, artists are working together to help make community building an artistic expression.  In addition, Ms. Bruguera is living with a family of illegal immigrants and collaborating with them on this project.  Insight?  Bruguera has mentioned that several of her ideas about this project have occurred due to her collecting various perspectives and combining them in new ways.  Does the field accept the artist?  Yes, at least on critic very much supports this project.

From various perspectives, Ms. Bruguera is being very creative.  While we may not all agree that the artist is appropriate ( I personally think she is an ass), she is living life and producing art in a creative way.  This piece will probably be touted as a very important addition to the artistic community by some.

I wish to end my various musings by trying to tie these posts together.  The first post looked at the highly useful yet un-sexy side of creativity.  The second post looked at creativity that had intermediate levels of use and novelty.  This last post exhibits a case of fairly useless art that is very new and controversial.  All of these examples demonstrate how diverse creativity can be.  In addition, I hope to have chosen some examples that elicit some aesthetic sense wonder.  The examples are different, the emotional content may be different; yet, all have the ability to amaze us to the same extent.

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