Thursday, April 5, 2012

Google's Project Glass: Augmenting Reality

Google recently unveiled its newest invention that promises to change how we interface with technology. Dubbed Project Glass, these glasses which look like something out of Star Trek are currently being tested by Google employees. What Project Glass intends to do is allow us to view the physical world with inputs from technology. For example, in the video above, the user can ask for directions to a location and follow them in real time from an augmented reality interface. It is interesting and novel that all this technology can be shown to the user in a different way than an iphone screen. What makes Project Glass so creative is that it takes elements from previous technology such as a GPS, video chat, text messaging, etc. and presents them in a new way that will allow users to have an enhanced experience by presenting information in an augmented reality that will change interactions in everyday life.

Project Glass was developed by Steve Lee, a member of Google X Laboratory, who has a history of novel inventions for Google. His history of creative inventions for Google includes Google Latitude, which allows one to share locations on Google Maps. Steve has also worked with companies such as Yahoo and IBM to develop new software, showing his history of creativity and how it can influence Project Glass. For example, he worked with Yahoo to develop a method of searching for people, which shows in his more current creations such as Google Latitude, which is incorporated into Project Glass. Steve has obviously been collecting information that aids in his creative process. Since he also works with the Google X Lab, there must also be a  high degree of collaboration between in individuals working to develop such a project. Since the lab is highly secretive, but also highly creative, there must be a reasonable Q level in terms of collaboration consisting of tight clusters of individuals with different experiences that can come together to invent something innovative. Also, in order to create something such as Project Glass, there is a certain amount of analogy to Science Fiction since this type of technology was once thought impossible. Using analogies to other current technology as well allows Project Glass to synthesize features that can be included into the final product.

As far as experts in technology are concerned, Project Glass is highly creative. writer, Mario Aguilar was highly impressed by Project Glass, hoping that the functionality will be as incredible as the above video. The internet, especially technology blogs and websites, have reported on Project Glass and see it as a futuristic technology that can change how we perceive reality.

With the popularity of this new project, there seems to be people that are divided on whether or not the look of the glasses and voice functionality may be a problem, such as in the above parody video. But regardless, there is an overwhelmingly positive response from the public about Google's latest creation. I for one, cannot wait to have reality fused with technology in a seamless blend that will hopefully enhance our lives, and let us avoid walking into traffic.

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  1. Technology never seizes to amaze me, but I can't say that I'm surprised to hear this type of technology is being created. This is definitely a creative project... something combining the somewhat old technology that some of us feel we can't be without for more than an hour. This product definitely takes advantage of the interests of the times. Despite the unappealing look of the glasses, I can imagine people will be lined up for these just as excited as people lined up for iPhones or iPads. Solving a problem, I guess, comes with consequences. The law has just recently caught up with the dangers of technology and banned texting/talking while driving (except on a hands-free device). They would have to quickly catch up again because you can't trust that people won't try to use these while they are driving; I feel like that would be quite dangerous.


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