Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Internal Motivation

Death Grips is a band that is not for everyone. They fall under a category of music that probably does not apply to any other group that exists.  In a few words as possible their genre would probably be called experimental Punk/ Rap.  Their music is not meant to bring everyone in but instead it is intended to convey the artists pure emotion and how they are feeling at the time. This often alienates the average music listener because it can come off as extremely aggressive or hateful.


In the above interview linked you can actually here MC Ride, the 36 year old rapper and front man for the group, say that he is not motivated by human achievement, or the things that other people do.  Instead what drives him is extremely personal and comes almost entirely from within. This is extremely interesting because it is the attitude of more of a little c creative, yet Death Grips work has effected the world of music and art like big C creativity.  Both members of the group show classic signs of creative individuals such as alienating themselves and others.  They are constantly in emotional turmoil and always want to be as different as possible.  As mentioned before they are internally driven and only wish that their artistic direction allows the listener to feel raw emotion and respond in that way.  If the song is aggressive they want the crowd to be aggressive (which is a lot of the time).  The members of Death Grips have made the music they want to make for years and it just so happens that their niche genre has been able to captivate a much larger crowd than they had ever expected. And whether they are appreciated or not, they will always be known for changing the world of music in ways that no one else ever has.

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  1. Death Grips is truly a unique band. There edgy music is really a strong way for them to express themselves in a way that music has not seen before. The most amazing thing about them is the love/hate relationship they get from people and even though they get plenty of hate, Death Grips does not let it effect them and still releases the music they do regardless of the opinions they get


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