Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Smart Accessories

Image result for wearable technologyWith the implementation and improvements of the smart phone over the last ten years, many people have wondered what will be the next step in this technological evolution. Many top innovative firms such as Apple and Google have developed other personable objects in order to enhance our daily lives. The two prime examples are Google Glass and Apple Watches. 

Google Glass has been Google’s innovative way in order to get into the accessory industry. These glasses have been in the making since 2012 when Google announced their project, “Project Glass” and then later in the year were able to produce working models of theses glasses. They continued to develop over the last couple years and in fact are currently in the process for developing Google Glass 2, which should off many improvements over the older models. However, we can focus on the current innovation that they have brought currently come with a variety of useful features.
Google Glass is the definitive Smart glasses accessory with the ability to provide a live HUD, which integrates many Google software programs such as Google Now, Google Maps, and Gmail. This will help you see who has called you, what the weather is, or even keep the time all from your viewpoint. Google has decided to stop producing these gadgets for now, but is still looking at fully developing the idea.

Apple Watches are very new to the market, but their idea has been around for decades. We've all seen old Saturday cartoons such as Inspector Gadget or other shows like Knight Rider where the characters are able to use their wrist watches as mini computers or communication. Now with the release of Apple Watches, this iconic piece of science fiction tech is now available to the general public, if you’re willing to pay for the steep price tag.

Apple Watch Features are limited currently, but I feel like they have enough essentials in order to really show off how useful this gadget could be. They not only are integrated with Apple Pay, but are also synced with your phone to receive text messages and phone calls. There is also room for many developers to make new programs, and I am looking forward to see how developers can best utilize this platform.

When we look at these two examples and how tech companies are looking to continue to bring innovation through personal technology. These two gadgets continue to promote the amount of data people can have on hand without the use of laptops or computers, but rather just accessories that they can take anywhere and use as simply as our phones if not easier. These accessories may define our future fashion, and we could see watches make a comeback as well as the majority of people starting to where Smart Glasses.

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