Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The 8Bit Bros

Mike Colletti, an artist from Reynoldsburg, Ohio is bringing people back to their childhood with his art. Under the name The 8Bit Bros, Colletti creates retro style 8 and 16 bit creations from popular video games and even cartoons.

His creations are made of half inch thick Styrofoam covered with card stock paper. The final project ends up being about 2 feet X 2 feet in square diameter. Colletti also does work with Perler Beads. The 8Bit Bros are still new and word of Colletti's art is in the process of spreading around.

He has a facebook page where most of his work is displayed as well as an Etsy store under the name The8BitBros. Personally I have never seen anything like this before. While the creations of the games themselves were creative, taking these childhood memories and encapsulating them in art  is completely out of the box.


Reception of Colletti's work has been nothing but excitement. People who have commissioned work from Colletti have had very positive reviews.

This is so awesome man I love it thank you again smile emoticon
Super Saiyan Goku
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Commissioned Mike Colletti to do this for my Luigi room, love it!! Great work, excellent communication, fast shipping!! Highly recommend his work smile emoticon
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I am very excited to see where Colletti takes his improving style and fan base. He has been pushing the limits of his materials and is starting to look into creating a four foot standing piece. He has also been coming up with novel ways to present his art whether it be a game case of a mask. Overall I think Colletti has the potential to take advantage of people's nostalgia and love for retro games and create a name or himself and his art.


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