Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kendrick's Comic Connection

What it means to be a celebrity is changing. In the past, celebrities have represented an unobtainable ideal; they were society’s vision of the closest thing to a perfect person as a human could get. The new celebrity is different. Celebrities work to portray an image of relatability. They try to seem like the girl- or boy-next-door. Jennifer Lawrence has achieved this by tripping on the red carpet and giving very candid interviews. Her interviews often have comments regarding junk food and alcohol.

Anna Kendrick has taken a different approach. Social media has made celebrities and their lives more accessible to the general populations. Kendrick has taken advantage of this to raise her popularity. She uses Twitter to express her minute-to-minute thoughts, often to comedic effect. Her quips are unapologetically honest. Her tweets are something the average person can see themselves saying or thinking. Many celebrities use Twitter and other social media platforms to promote themselves and their work. Anna Kendrick tries to keep these type of business tweets to a minimum.

Kendrick’s tweets tend to center around dogs, Game of Thrones, hangovers, and loungewear. These topics are relevant to the everyday person, such as a fan. She even posted about meeting Beyoncé and fan-girling over the experience. She uses common language that resonates with her followers. Anna Kendrick’s followers can see themselves thinking the content of her tweets and often see Kendrick tweet something that they had already thought. She creatively combines honesty and comedy to gain her followers’ attention.

She has learned that her fans respond well to her when she tweets without thinking too much. Through her tweets, Kendrick has made a connection with her fans, who can show their appreciation through favorites or retweets. Celebrities owe their continuing careers to their fans. Anna Kendrick has taken a public platform and used it uniquely to connect with the source of her fame.

Kendrick says that she comes up with the tweets as she goes about her day. She constantly has drafts ready to post once she’s comfortable. Again, her tweets a relatable because them come to her so organically. She does not have a PR team or a script writer creating the jokes specifically to cater to her fans. Anna Kendrick is just sharing her personal thoughts, not knowing whether or not the tweets will be grasped as humorous.

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